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Subchapter 17. Mine Safety Orders
Article 12. Ground Control

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§6989. (3-4). Protection of Workers at the Face.

(a) No work shall be permitted above or below men at the face if such work endangers their safety.

(b) Workers at the face shall be protected as follows:

(1) On top of the bank, by fencing with guard rails or ropes, by using railed platform, or by using safety belts and life lines. This does not apply where the bank is less than 20 feet high, or the slope below is less than 50 degrees from the horizontal, or where no work is performed within 10 feet of the edge.

(2) On the face, by removing loose rock from over the working place, and by the use of safety belts and life lines, portable staging, boatswain chair, or skips especially designed for use at pit faces. If a boatswain chair is used, the employee shall be attached thereto with a safety belt and life line.

When necessary for safety, two or more persons shall be employed in cooperation with each other in drilling, blasting or removing loose rock.

(3) At the foot of the bank by removing loose rock from above the working place, and maintaining a ready way of exit to a place of safety.

(4) By any other means affording safety equivalent to that provided by (1), (2), and (3) of this subsection.

(c) (3-6) Men shall approach from above loose rock and areas to be scaled and shall scale from a safe location.

(d) (3-12) Men shall not work between equipment and the pit wall or bank where the equipment may hinder escape from falls or slides of the bank.

(e) (3-4) Safe means for scaling pit banks shall be provided. Hazardous banks shall be scaled before other work is performed in the hazardous bank area.

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