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Subchapter 17. Mine Safety Orders
Article 7. Drinking Water, Change Rooms, and Sanitation

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§6977. Change Rooms.


The provisions of T8-6977 of Part 6, T-24, are incorporated herein as a part of these regulations and reads as follows:

T8-6977. Change Rooms. In addition to the provisions of Part 2, the following shall apply to all mine construction.

(a) The operator of every mine shall provide a change room for the use of employees for drying clothes and bathing.

(b) The change room shall be placed in a convenient location for use by employees but, because of the danger of fire, it shall not be nearer than 100 feet from any mine opening, fan house, or hoist house.

(c) Except as provided in subsection (e) of this section the change room shall be equipped with shower baths having hot and cold water, and shall have at least 1 shower for each 15 men on a shift working in the mine.

(d) Change rooms shall be provided with adequate means of heating and lighting, and shall be kept in a reasonably clean and sanitary condition.

(e) Mines which employ fewer than 10 mean and which have no suitable water available on the property for washing or bathing need not comply with the shower bath provisions of this section, but shall provide their employees with washing facilities that are reasonably clean and sanitary.

(f) The change room shall be available to employees at all times when they are going on or coming off shift.

(g) It is recommended that working clothes be either elevated by suitable means, such as chains, to the upper air of the change house or that separate rooms be used for working and street clothes.

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