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Subchapter 13. Logging and Sawmill Safety Orders
Article 17. Lath, Shingle, and Shake Mills
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§6402. Bolters and Lath Machines, Appendix A

Suggested Anti-Kickback Device Applied to Gang Edgers with Saw Arbors Mounted
Below Feed Rolls.

A: Fingers shall extend across full length of rolls.
B: Fingers shall clear the bottom feed roll by 1/2-inch.
C: Fingers shall be spaced 3/8-inch maximum.
D: Finger shaft 1 13/16-inch diameter minimum (heavy duty, high powered edgers 1 15/16-inch diameter).
E: Fingers shall be installed so that they set at not more than 40 degrees to vertical on the maximum size stack the edger will cut.
F: Finger lift controls shall be mounted to the side of the edger and require constant pressure to hold the fingers up.

Three Types Of Leads In Highlead Logging
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