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Subchapter 13. Logging and Sawmill Safety Orders
Article 15. Sawmills
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§6366. Stationary Tramways and Trestles.

(a) Tramways and trestles shall have substantial mud sills or foundations which shall be frequently inspected and kept in repair. When vehicles are operated on tramways and trestles which are used for foot passage, traffic shall be controlled, or there shall be provided a walkway with standard handrails at the outer edge and shear timber on the inner edge. The walkway shall be wide enough to allow adequate clearance for vehicles. When walkways cross over other thoroughfares, they shall be solidly fenced at the outer edge to a height of 42 inches over such thoroughfares.

(b) Stationary tramways and trestles shall have a vertical clearance of 22 feet above railroad rails. When constructed over carrier docks or roads, they shall have a clearance of 6 feet above the driver's footrest on the carrier, and in no event shall this clearance be less than 12 feet above the roadway. In existing operations where it is impractical to obtain such clearance, telltales, electric signals, or other precautionary measures shall be installed.

NOTE: Authority cited: Section 142.3, Labor Code. Reference: Section 142.3, Labor Code.

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