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Subchapter 13. Logging and Sawmill Safety Orders
Article 15. Sawmills
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§6363. Hog Mills.

(a) To minimize jamming, hog mills shall be provided with feed chutes and conveyors designed to handle the material being processed.

(b) Chutes shall be arranged so that the distance from any place on the rim to the cutter knives is no less than 40 inches.

(c) The feed chutes shall be provided with suitable baffles, screens, or barriers which shall prevent material being thrown from the mill, unless the mill is located so that thrown material is not a hazard.

(d) The top rim of the chute shall extend no less than 36 inches above the floor or working platform, unless the chute opening is protected by other adequate means.

(e) Employees feeding or tending hog mills shall be provided with and required to use safety belts and lines, unless they are otherwise protected from falling into the mill.

(f) All conveyor-fed hog mills shall be equipped with a trip bar or emergency stop located where employees can readily reach it to immediately stop the conveyors.

(g) A metal detector shall be installed whenever possible.

NOTE: Authority cited: Section 142.3, Labor Code. Reference: Section 142.3, Labor Code.

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