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Subchapter 7. General Industry Safety Orders
Group 20. Flammable Liquids, Gases and Vapors
Article 144. Service Stations

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§5571. Fuel Dispensing System.

(a) Dispensing devices at an automotive service station shall be so located that all parts of the vehicle being served will be on the premises of the service station. Dispensing devices at marine service stations may be located on open piers, wharves, or floating docks or on shore or on piers of the solid-fill type and shall be located from other structures so as to provide room for safe ingress and egress of craft to be fueled. Dispensing units shall be in all cases at least 20 feet from any activity involving fixed sources of ignition.

(b) Dispensing units installed inside buildings after January 1, 1976, shall be separated from other areas by not less than a one-hour fire separation and shall be provided with adequate ventilation.

(c) When dispensing units are located below grade, only mechanical ventilation shall be used and the entire dispensing area shall be protected by an approved automatic sprinkler system. Ventilating systems shall be electrically interlocked with gasoline dispensing units so that the dispensing units cannot be operated unless the ventilating fan motors are energized.

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