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Subchapter 7. General Industry Safety Orders
Group 18. Explosives and Pyrotechnics
Article 120. Mixing Blasting Agents

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§5346. Blasting Agent Storage.

(a) Blasting agents or ammonium nitrate, when stored in conjunction with explosive materials, shall be stored in the manner set forth in Article 114 for explosives. The mass of blasting agents and one-half the mass of ammonium nitrate shall be included when computing the total quantity of explosive materials for determining distance requirements.

(b) The front, both sides, and rear of the trailer or truck shall be posted with a warning sign reading: “EXPLOSIVES” in red letters, at least 4 inches high with a 5/8-inch stroke, on a white background.

(c) Blasting agents and blasting agent slurries may be stored in a noncombustible bin or tank, provided they comply with storage requirements of Article 114. All openings shall be designed to provide a tight closure and shall be locked except during use. Storage containers shall be constructed of materials compatible with the blasting agents being stored, shall be waterproof, and adequately supported and braced to withstand the combination of all loads, including impact forces arising from product movement within the bin and accidental vehicle contact. Bins containing blasting agents shall be located, with respect to inhabited buildings in accordance with Table EX-1, and with respect to other blasting agent storage and explosive storage, in conformity with Table EX-2.

(d) Good housekeeping practices shall be maintained around any bin containing ammonium nitrate or blasting agent. This includes keeping weeds and other combustible materials cleared within 50 feet of such bin. Accumulation of spilled product on the ground shall be prevented.

(e) Any electrically driven conveyors for loading or unloading bins shall conform to the requirements of the Electrical Safety Orders. They shall be designed to minimize damage from corrosion.


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