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Subchapter 7. General Industry Safety Orders
Group 8. Points of Operation and Other Hazardous Parts of Machinery
Article 61. Compaction Equipment

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§4353. Stationary Compaction Equipment and Balers.

(a) All power-driven compaction equipment and balers shall be guarded in at least one of the following ways:

 (1) By the installation of a point-of-operation guard or cover having the following features: 

 (A) When closed will prevent the entry of any part of an employee's body. 

 (B) Cannot close while any part of an employee's body is within the point-of-operation. 

 (C) Is interlocked in a manner that prevents travel of the ram unless the guard or cover is in place. 

 (D) In itself does not create a shearing or crushing hazard. 

 (2) By deadman controls so located that the operator cannot reach the point of operation while operating the controls. 

 (3) By other means which will positively prevent employees from entering the zone of travel of the ram while it is in operation, or will positively prevent any travel of the ram whenever an employee enters or reaches into the zone of travel of the ram. 

(b) Compactor access covers/doors shall require the use of hand tools to open, or be interlocked with the ram controls to prevent movement of the ram when the doors are open.

Exception: Access covers on stationary compactors where the point of operation of the ram is guarded by location. For the purpose of this regulation, guarded by location shall mean that the ram point of operation is so located from the employee's working level or working area or by its location with reference to the frame, foundation or structure (i.e. the chute) of the compactor as to remove the hazard of accidental contact with the moving ram.

(c) Each control shall be conspicuously labeled as to its function.

(d) Operating controls shall be designed to prevent unintentional activation.

(e) A means of stopping and controlling the movement of the ram at any point shall be provided and shall be readily accessible to the operator.

(f) Automatic cycling controls shall be used only on compaction equipment provided with point-of-operation guards as described in (a)(1) or (a)(3).

(g) Compaction equipment shall be provided with a locking system to prevent unauthorized operation.

(h) An automatic interlock shall be installed on all vertical compactors and balers so that the upper gates cannot be opened while the ram/tramper is operating and the ram/tramper cannot operate while the gates are open.

Figure CE-1

Commercial/Industrial-Type Stationary Compactor

Figure CE-2

Apartment/Institutional-Type Stationary Compactor

    Note: Authority and reference cited: Section 142.3, Labor Code.  

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