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Subchapter 7. General Industry Safety Orders
Group 8. Points of Operation and Other Hazardous Parts of Machinery
Article 59. Woodworking Machines and Equipment

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§4310. Band Knives and Band Saws.

(a) Band knives and band saws (including band resaws having saw blades less than 7 inches in width or band wheels less than 5 feet in diameter) shall be guarded as follows:

(1) All portions of the saw or knife blade shall be enclosed or guarded except that portion between the bottom of the guide rolls and the table. The guard shall be kept adjusted as close as possible to the table without interfering with the movement of stock. The down travel guard from the upper wheel to the guide rolls shall be so adjusted that the blade will travel within the angle or channel.

EXCEPTION: For meat band saw blade guarding requirements see Section 4543 of these Orders.

(2) Band saw wheels shall be fully enclosed.

(3) Feed rolls of band resaws and band ripsaws shall be protected with a semicylindrical guard to prevent the hands of the employee from coming in contact with the in-running rolls at any point.

(4) The guard shall be constructed of heavy material, preferably metal and the edge of the guard shall come to within 1/2-inch of the plane formed by the inside face of the feed roll in contact with the stock being cut.

(b) A blade tension control device with indicator shall be provided and used on all band saws.

(c) Band saws and band knives shall not be run at speeds in excess of the manufacturers recommended speed.

NOTE: Authority cited: Section 142.3, Labor Code. Reference: Section 142.3, Labor Code.


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