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Subchapter 7. General Industry Safety Orders
Group 4. General Mobile Equipment and Auxiliaries
Article 23. Mobile Ladder Stands and Scaffolds (Towers)
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§3621. Definitions.

Brace. A tie that holds one scaffold member in a fixed position with respect to another member.

Climbing Ladder. A separate ladder with equally spaced rungs usually attached to the scaffold structure for climbing and descending.

Coupler. A device for locking together the components of a tubular metal scaffold which shall be designed and used to safely support the maximum intended loads.

Design Working Load. The maximum intended load, that is, the total of all loads including the weight of the workers, materials, and equipment.

Elevated Work Level. The elevated platform, used for supporting workers and their materials, comprising the necessary vertical, horizontal, and diagonal braces, guardrails and ladder for access to the work platform.

Ladder Stand. A mobile fixed size self-supporting ladder consisting of a wide flat tread ladder in the form of stairs. The assembly may include handrails but does not include a platform.

Ledger. A horizontal member of a scaffold upon which the platform rests and which may be supported by ribbons.

Mobile. In connection with this Article, the term "mobile" shall mean "manually propelled."

Mobile Scaffold (Tower). A light, medium, or heavy duty scaffold mounted on casters or wheels.

Mobile Work Platform. A fixed work level on casters or wheels, with bracing diagonally from platform to vertical frame.

Ribbon. A horizontal scaffold member which extends from post to post and which supports the ledger forming a tie between the posts.

Scaffold. Any temporary elevated platform and its necessary vertical, diagonal, and horizontal members used to support workers and materials. (Also known as a scaffold tower.)

Tube and Coupler Scaffold. An assembly consisting of tubing which serves as posts, ledgers, braces, ties, and ribbons, a base supporting the posts, and special couplers which serve to connect the uprights and to join the various members.

Tubular Welded Frame Scaffold. A sectional, panel or frame metal scaffold substantially built up of prefabricated welded sections, which consist of posts and ledgers with intermediate connecting members and braced with diagonal or cross braces.

Tubular Welded Sectional Folding Scaffold. A sectional, folding metal scaffold either of ladder frame or inside stairway design, substantially built of prefabricated welded sections, which consist of end frames, platform frame, inside inclined stairway frame and braces, or hinge-connected diagonal and horizontal braces, capable of being folded into a flat package when the scaffold is not in use.

NOTE: Authority cited: Section 142.3, Labor Code. Reference: Section 142.3, Labor Code.


1. Amendment filed 10-12-84; effective thirtieth day thereafter (Register 84, No. 41).

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