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Subchapter 6. Elevator Safety Orders
Article 18. Design Data, Formulas, Tests on Approved Devices, and Electrical Regulations

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§3105. Governor Trip Speeds and Approval Data.

(a) Governor Tripping Speeds. Figure 3105 A gives the maximum tripping speeds for various rated speeds.

FIGURE 3105 A - Maximum Governor Tripping Speeds

(b) Data Required for Approval.

(1) Two complete sets of assembly and detail drawings of the governor shall be submitted, and shall show the following:

(A) The construction of the governor and the dimensions of major parts for identification.

(B) The adjustment range and values of the data as marked on the governor marking plate required by Section 3036(h).

(2) The results of a test performed at the maximum tripping speeds for which the approval is to be issued. This test shall be witnessed by an authorized representative of the Division of Industrial Safety, or the division may accept reports of witnesses recognized as competent by the division.

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