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Subchapter 6. Elevator Safety Orders
Article 15. Special Access Lifts

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§3093. Private Residence Type Elevators [Rule 500].

(a) Scope: Sections 3093 through 3093.60 apply to special access elevators, installed to facilitate access according to Title 24, under the jurisdiction of the Division intended for the exclusive use of persons with disabilities.
(b) Special access elevators installed in locations under the jurisdiction of the Division shall comply with the requirements of Article 15. E xception to 3093(b): Special access elevators allowed by variance.
(c) The machine and associated controllers and equipment shall be installed meeting the requirements of subsection 3011(a) and be secured against unauthorized access.
(d) Use of the elevator shall serve disabled individual(s) only and shall not be used to transport materials and equipment.
(e) The Division shall inspect the elevator, witness a safety test(s) and issue a permit to operate, prior to being placed in service.
(Title 24, Part 7, Section 7-3093)
Note: Authority cited: Section 142.3, Labor Code. Reference: Section 142.3, Labor Code; and Section 18943(b), Health and Safety Code.
1. New Article 15 (Sections 3093, 3093.1-3093.59) filed 7-22-86; effective thirtieth day thereafter (Register 86, No. 36). For history of former Article 15, see Registers 82, No. 40 and 79, No. 1.
2. Amendment of article heading, section heading, subsection (a) and N ote filed 4-9-98; operative 5-9-98 (Register 98, No. 15).
3. Amendment of article 15 heading, section heading, section and N ote filed 8-29-2001; operative 9-28-2001 (Register 2001, No. 35).

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