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Subchapter 6. Elevator Safety Orders
Article 12.1. Material Lifts and Dumbwaiters with Automatic Transfer Devices

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§3082. Power Dumbwaiters with Automatic Transfer Devices.

Power dumbwaiter with automatic transfer devices shall conform to the requirements of Article 12 except as Sections are modified by the following and by the additional orders in this section.

(a) Section 3078(1). All hoistway entrances shall be equipped with approved interlocks.

(b) Section 3079(a)(4). The effective inside height of the car above or below the transfer device shall not exceed 4 feet.

(c) Section 3079(a)(5). The transfer device on the floor of the lift shall be permitted to serve as a platform. Open areas in the floor shall be covered with solid flooring, grille or perforated metal, and openings in such material shall reject a ball 2 inches in diameter and shall support not less than 300 pounds on any square area 2 feet on a side.

(d) Section 3079(e). Safety Devices. Safety devices shall be provided when the inside net floor area exceeds 6 square feet or the gross load exceeds 1500 lbs.

(1) Where the gross load (i.e., car transfer device, rated load, gates, operating devices, etc.) exceeds 1500 pounds, car safeties conforming to the requirements of Section 3080(b) (10) shall be provided.

(2) Where the gross load does not exceed 1500 pounds and the rated speed does not exceed 100 f.p.m., a safety actuated by inertia or as the result of the parting of the hoisting ropes may be provided.

(e) Section 3079(j). Emergency Stop Switch. An emergency stop switch (switches) conforming to Section 3040(b)(5) shall be provided to stop operation of the lift, and stop the door operation and transfer device operation. The stop switch shall be located in the car adjacent to each entrance in a position that shall be accessible to a person standing at the floor adjacent to the car entrances and outside the path of the transferred load. A switch or button shall be mounted adjacent to each landing entrance that will stop the operation of power operated doors and the transfer device at that landing.

(f) Section 3079(b). Structural Capacity Load. Dumbwaiters with automatic transfer devices which have a net inside platform area of 3.75 square feet or more shall be rated for a lifting load of not less than 300 pounds.

(g) Access Switches. Dumbwaiters required by Section 3079(d) to be provided with safety devices shall be provided with access switches conforming to Section 3021(k) except that the switch required by 3021(k) (3)(C) may be located in the central operating station.

(h) Car Top Operation. Dumbwaiters required to have access switches shall be provided with means to operate the dumbwaiter from the top of the car conforming to Section 3040(a)(4).


1. Editorial correction of subsection (c) (Register 95, No. 34).

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