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Subchapter 5. Electrical Safety Orders
Group 2. High-Voltage Electrical Safety Orders
Article 40. Electronic News Gathering
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§2980. Definitions.

Electronic News Gathering (ENG). A task or series of tasks applied to capturing news, sporting or other live events on location using cameras and support equipment and using recorded media for live transmission and/or reception. For the purposes of this regulation, ENG includes Satellite News Gathering (SNG), Electronic Field Production (EFP), and other activities which are functionally similar to ENG.

ENG Vehicle. An ENG vehicle has a transmitter and may also have a receiver. An ENG vehicle employs an elevating antenna, dish, laser, or similar device or structure in order to transmit, receive, or relay video, audio, or data signal to or from a broadcasting station, fixed or mobile relay point, including satellite or other spacecraft, or other facility for immediate or delayed processing for use in broadcasts or closed circuit transmission. Excluded from this Article are mobile cellular telephone sites, sometimes referred to as cells-on-wheels (COWS) used exclusively for cellular telephone communications.

Step potential. “Step potential” is the voltage between the feet of a person standing near an energized grounded object. It is equal to the difference in voltage, given by the voltage distribution curve, between two points at different distances from the “electrode.” A person could be at risk of injury during a fault simply by standing near the grounding point.

Touch potential. “Touch potential” is the voltage between the energized object and the feet of a person in contact with the object. It is equal to the difference in voltage between the energized object and a point some distance away. It should be noted that the touch potential could be nearly the full voltage across the grounded object if that object is grounded at a point remote from the place where the person is in contact with it.

Step and touch potentials are illustrated in Figure 1.

Figure 1 -- Step and Touch Potentials


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