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Subchapter 5. Electrical Safety Orders
Group 1. Low-Voltage Electrical Safety Orders
Article 3. Work Procedures

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§2320.7. Safety Precautions.

(a) Suitable temporary barriers, or barricades, shall be installed when access to opened enclosures containing exposed energized electrical equipment is not under the control of an authorized person.
(b) Conductive measuring tapes, ropes or similar measuring devices shall not be used when working on or near exposed energized conductors or parts of equipment.
(c) Conductive fish tapes shall not be used in raceways entering enclosures containing exposed energized parts unless such parts are isolated by suitable barriers.
(d) Conductive Articles. When an employee performs work within reaching distance of exposed energized parts of equipment, the employer shall ensure that the employee removes all exposed conductive articles, such as keychains or watch chains, rings, or wrist watches or bands, unless such articles do not increase the hazards associated with contact with the energized parts.
(e) Prior to climbing poles or other elevated structures supporting overhead electrical lines or equipment, an inspection shall be made to assure that such poles or structures are in safe condition for the work to be performed. Where poles or structures are determined to be unsafe for climbing, they shall not be climbed until made safe by guying, bracing or other adequate means.
Note: Authority cited: Section 142.3, Labor Code. Reference: Section 142.3, Labor Code.
1. Editorial correction adding NOTE filed 11-2-83 (Register 83, No. 45).
2. Amendment of section heading and new subsection (d) filed 8-27-86; effective thirtieth day thereafter (Register 86, No. 37).
3. New subsection (d) and subsection relettering filed 2-27-2018; operative 4-1-2018 (Register 2018, No. 9).

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