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Subchapter 4. Construction Safety Orders
Article 14. Construction Hoists
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§1605.9. Hoist Platforms and Cages.

(a) Workmen shall be prohibited from riding the hoist platform except for authorized inspection and maintenance.

(b) When wheelbarrows or other rolling equipment are transported, they shall be held securely in place on the hoist platform.

(c) Overhead protective covering of two-inch planking, 3/4-inch plywood or other solid material of equivalent strength shall be provided on the top of every material hoist cage or platform to prevent objects falling on the workmen loading or unloading the hoist.

(d) The protective covering on the top of the cage or platform may be made in hinged sections that may be raised when hoisting long material.

(e) When using a cage or platform for long material, the several pieces of the material shall be securely fastened together and made fast to the cage or platform, so that no part of the load can fall or project beyond the sides of the cage or platform.

(f) Platform floors covered with metal, shall have a non-slip surface.

(g) When a hoist tower is not enclosed, the hoist platform or car shall be totally enclosed (caged) on all sides including the roof, for the full height between the floor and the cage top. The walls of the cage shall be constructed of 1/2-inch mesh of No. 14 U. S. Standard gage wire or the equivalent. The hoist-platform enclosure will include the required gates for loading and unloading.

(h) A stamped plate indicating the manufacturer's rated load of the hoist in pounds shall be conspicuously displayed in the hoist cage.

(i) Broken-rope safety devices, if and when used in conjunction with material platforms or concrete buckets, shall conform to the following conditions. However, under no circumstances shall they be construed to satisfy the requirements of Section 1604 of these Orders.

(1) The safety device when engaged shall be capable of stopping and holding the platform or bucket with its rated load.

(2) The safety device shall be securely attached to the frame of the platform, or bucket, in such manner that the platform, or bucket, will not become separated from the safety device under the conditions cited in (1) above.

(3) Any platform, or bucket, used in conjunction with safety devices shall be capable of meeting the conditions cited in (1) above without resultant failures or loss of its load.

(4) Any material hoist structure including tower components, guide rails, and their attachments, and any parts affected by the action of the safety device, when subjected to the conditions cited in (1) above shall sustain the platform or bucket with its rated load without structural failure.

(5) The safety device shall be activated by a positive means in the event of rope failure, and when engaged shall be released only by raising the platform or bucket from the stopped position.

(6) The ability of the equipment to satisfy the requirements of (1) and (2) above, shall be established by tests witnessed by the enforcing author--

ity, an independent testing laboratory, or registered professional engineer.

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