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Subchapter 4. Construction Safety Orders
Article 14. Construction Hoists
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§1604.8. Electrical Wiring, Fittings, and Fixtures.

(a) Wiring, Raceways, and Cables in Hoistways and Machine Rooms.

Main feeders for supplying power to the hoist may be installed inside or outside the hoistway.

(1) Only such electrical wiring, raceways, and cables used directly in connection with the hoist may be installed inside the hoistway.

(A) All conduits, armored cables, electrical metallic tubing, metal wireways, flexible conduits, and cabled conductors located within hoistways shall be securely fastened to the hoistway construction or to the guide member(s), or to the guide member supports.

(2) The installation of all electrical wiring in hoistways and machine rooms, except as may be provided elsewhere in this Standard, shall conform to the requirements of the Electrical Safety Orders.

Traveling cables, where used between the car and hoistway wiring, shall be Type E.O., E.T.T., S.O., or a type approved by an accepted testing laboratory.

(b) Enclosure of Live Parts on Cars and in Hoistway.

All live parts of electrical apparatus, located in or on hoist cars or in their hoistways, shall be suitably enclosed to protect against accidental contact.

The maximum circuit voltage of control or operating circuits permitted in or on hoist cars and their hoistways shall not exceed that specified in Section 1604.24(c)(1).

(c) Fittings, Fixtures, and Switches.

Where the hoistway is exposed to the weather, as in open shafts outside the structure; the electrical wiring, fittings, fixtures, and switches shall be weatherproof.

Slack rope switches, where required, lower normal-terminal and lower final-terminal hoistway limit switches, slowdown switches, and pit stop switches shall be located as far above the bottom of the pit as practicable.

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