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Subchapter 4. Construction Safety Orders
Article 14. Construction Hoists
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§1604.17. Car Enclosures.

(a) Material for Enclosures.

Materials for car enclosures and car enclosure linings shall be metal or wood.

(b) Extent of Enclosures.

Personnel hoist cars shall be permanently enclosed on the top and on all sides except the entrance and exit.

(c) Securing of Enclosures.

The enclosure shall be securely fastened to the car platform and so supported that it cannot loosen or become displaced in ordinary service, on the application of the car safety, or on buffer engagement.

(d) Deflection of Walls.

The enclosure walls shall be of such strength and so designed and supported that, when subjected to a pressure of 100 pounds applied horizontally on any 4 square-inch area of the walls of the enclosure, the deflection will not reduce the running clearance below 3/4 inch.

(e) Number of Compartments.

Cars shall have not more than one compartment.

(f) Top Emergency Exits.

An emergency exit with a cover shall be provided in the top of all cars and shall conform to the following requirements:

(1) The exit opening shall have an area of not less than 400 square inches and shall measure not less than 16 inches on any one side.

(2) The exit shall be so located as to provide a clear passageway unobstructed by fixed hoist equipment located in, or on top of, the car.

(3) The exit cover shall open outward.

(g) Car Enclosure Tops.

Tops of car enclosures shall be so designed and installed as to be capable of sustaining a load of 300 pounds on any square area 2 feet on a side and 100 pounds applied at any point. Simultaneous application of these loads is not required.

(h) Equipment on Top of Cars.

A working platform or equipment which is not required for the operation of the hoist or its appliances, except where specifically provided in this Standard, shall not be located on the top of a hoist car.

(i) Use of Glass in Cars.

Wire glass or the equivalent shall be used for vision panels. Plain glass may be used only for car operating appliances.

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