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Subchapter 4. Construction Safety Orders
Article 14. Construction Hoists
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§1604.15. Counterweights.

(a) General Requirements.

(1) Sectional Counterweights.

Sectional counterweights and frames shall be so designed as to retain the weights securely in place.

(2) Horizontal Clearances Between Car and Counterweight and Counterweight Screen.

The clearance between the car and the counterweight shall be not less than 1 inch. The clearance between counterweight and the counterweight screen and between counterweight and the hoistway enclosure shall be not less than 3/4 inch.

(b) Design Requirements for Counterweights.

The weight of the counterweight shall be not more than the total weight of the car plus 50% of the rated load.

(c) Cars Counterbalancing One Another.

A hoist car shall not be used to counterbalance another hoist car.

(d) Compensating Chain or Rope Fastenings.

Compensating chains or ropes, when used, shall be fastened to the counterweight or to the counterweight frame and shall not be fastened to tie rods.

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