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Subchapter 4. Construction Safety Orders
Article 14. Construction Hoists
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§1604.1. General.

(a) Scope.

(1) These Safety Orders apply to the design, construction, installation, operation, inspection, testing, maintenance, alterations, and repair of structures and hoists which are installed inside or outside buildings during construction, alteration, or demolition, and are used to raise and lower workers and other persons connected with, or related to, the building project. The hoist may also be used for transportation of materials.

(2) These Safety Orders shall not apply to hoists for raising and lowering materials with no provision for carrying personnel nor to mine hoists.

(3) Endless belt-type manlifts are prohibited for use as personnel hoists.

(4) Non-guided or wire-rope guided hoists are prohibited.

EXCEPTION: Wire-rope guided personnel hoists may be used in chimney and stack construction provided the hoist is designed by a civil or mechanical engineer registered in California; the hoist is erected under the supervision of a qualified engineer; the engineering design and calculations have been approved by the Division of Industrial Safety; and, a valid operating permit has been issued by the Division prior to use of the hoist.

(b) Purpose.

The purpose of this Standard is to provide safety requirements for life, limb, and property for those engaged in occupations requiring the use of personnel hoists. The requirements of this Standard are minimum for that purpose.

(c) Engineering Supervision.

(1) The employer shall comply with the manufacturer's specifications and limitations applicable to the operation of all hoists and elevators. Where manufacturer's specifications are not available, the limitations assigned to the equipment shall be based on the determinations of a professional engineer competent in the field.

(2) Personnel hoists used in bridge tower construction shall be approved by a registered professional engineer and erected under the supervision of a qualified engineer competent in this field.


1. Amendment of subsection (a)(4) filed 3-30-76 as an emergency; effective upon filing (Register 76, No. 14).

2. Amendment of subsection (a)(4) filed 7-30-76 as an emergency; effective upon filing (Register 76, No. 31).

3. Certificate of Compliance filed 8-13-76 (Register 76, No. 33).

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