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Chapter 4.5. Division of Workers' Compensation
Subchapter 1. Administrative Director - Administrative Rules
Article 5.3. Official Medical Fee Schedule

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§9789.13.2. Physician-Administered Drugs, Biologicals, Vaccines, Blood Products.

(a) Physician-administered drugs, biologicals, vaccines, or blood products are separately payable.
(1) Vaccines shall be reported using the NDC and CPT-codes for the vaccine. Other physician-administered drugs, biological and blood products shall be reported using the NDC and J-codes assigned to the product.
(2) The maximum reimbursement shall be determined using the “Basic Rate” for the HCPCS code contained on the Medi-Cal Rates file for the date of service. The Medi-Cal fee schedule reimburses drug products, vaccines and immunizations at the Medicare rate of reimbursement when established and published by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) or the Medi-Cal pharmacy rate of reimbursement when the Medicare rate is not available. The Medicare rate is currently defined as average sales price (ASP) plus 6 percent. The pharmacy rate is currently defined as the lower of (1) the average wholesale price (AWP) minus 17 percent; (2) the federal upper limit (FUL); or (3) the maximum allowable ingredient cost (MAIC).
(3) The “Basic Rate” price listed on the Medi-Cal rates page of the Medi-Cal website for each physician-administered drug includes an injection administration fee of $4.46. This injection administration fee should be subtracted from the published rate because payment for the injection administration fee will be determined under the RBRVS. See section 9789.19 for a link to the Department of Health Care Services' Medi-Cal rates file.
(4) For a physician-administered drug, biological, vaccine or blood product not contained in the Medi-Cal Rates file referenced in subdivision (a)(2), the maximum reimbursement is the amount prescribed in the Medi-Cal Pharmacy Fee Schedule as adopted by the Division of Workers' Compensation in section 9789.40 and posted on the Division website as the Pharmaceutical Fee Schedule. See section 9789.19 for a link to the Division of Workers' Compensation Pharmaceutical Fee Schedule.
(b) The physician fee schedule shall be used to determine the maximum reimbursement for the drug administration fee.
(1) Injection services (codes 96365 through 96379) are not paid for separately, if the physician is paid for any other physician fee schedule service furnished at the same time. Pay separately for those injection services only if no other physician fee schedule service is being paid.
(2) Pay separately for cancer chemotherapy injections (CPT codes 96401-96549) in addition to the visit furnished on the same day.
(c) Physician-administered radiopharmaceuticals. When furnished to patients in settings in which a technical component is payable, separate payments may be made for low osmolar contrast material used during intrathecal radiologic procedures (HCPCS Q-codes Q9965-9967), pharmacologic stressing agents used in connection with nuclear medicine and cardiovascular stress testing procedures HCPCS A-codes A4641, A4642, A9500-A9507, A9600), radionuclide used in connection nuclear medicine procedures furnished to beneficiaries in settings in which TCs are payable.
Low-osmolar contrast media is reported using HCPCS Q-codes.
(d) All claims for a physician-administered drug, biological, vaccine, or blood product must include the specific name of the drug and dosage.
(e) “Administer” means the direct application of a drug or device to the body of a patient by injection, inhalation, ingestion, or other means.
Note: Authority: Sections 133, 4603.5, 5307.1 and 5307.3, Labor Code. Reference: Sections 4600, 5307.1 and 5307.11, Labor Code.
1. New section filed 9-24-2013; operative 1-1-2014. Submitted to OAL as a file and print only pursuant to Government Code section 11340.9(g) (Register 2013, No. 39).
2. Amendment of subsection (b) filed 11-6-2018; operative 1-1-2019. Submitted to OAL for filing and printing only pursuant to Government Code section 11340.9(g) (Register 2018, No. 45).

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