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Article 5. QME Reappointment
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§50. Reappointment: Requirements and Application Form.

(a) In addition to the eligibility requirements set forth in section 11, a physician may seek reappointment on the basis that he or she was an active QME on June 30, 2000. For all physicians, applications for reappointment shall include a Reappointment Application Form in section 104, and the appropriate fee under section 17. The reappointment application and the appropriate fee shall be filed at the Administrative Director's headquarters office listed on the reappointment form.

(b) Any Reappointment Application Form may be rejected if it is incomplete or does not contain the required supporting documentation listed in section 11 and on the Reappointment Application Form. As part of the approval of the Reappointment Application Form, the Administrative Director shall verify that the QME has complied with all requirements under this Article.

(c) When a QME applies for reappointment, he or she shall submit a statement signed under penalty of perjury:

  (1) attesting that he or she has completed the applicable QME continuing education requirement; and  

  (2) listing the dates, locations, and titles of the continuing education programs and the names of the providers of those programs which he or she has taken to meet the requirement of Labor Code section 139.2(d)(3), as well as the number of hours of attendance at each program. The Administrative Director may randomly audit QMEs for documentation of program attendance, which supports compliance with this requirement; and  

  (3) attesting that the physician has accurately reported on the QME SFI Form 124 to the best of the QME's knowledge the information required by section 29 regarding the QME's specified financial interests; and  

  (4) attesting that the physician's license to practice as a physician, as defined under Labor Code section 3209.3, is neither restricted nor encumbered by suspension or probation, nor has the physician been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony related to the physician's practice or a crime of moral turpitude, and that the physician will notify the Administrative Director if the physician's license to practice is subsequently suspended or placed on probation or if the physician is convicted of a misdemeanor or felony related to the physician's practice or of a crime of moral turpitude; and  

  (5) attesting that the physician shall abide by all regulations of the Administrative Director and shall refrain from making referrals in violation of those regulations; and  

  (6) attesting that the physician has not performed a QME evaluation during a time when the physician was not appointed as a QME.  

     Note: Authority cited: Sections 133, 139.2 and 5307.3, Labor Code. Reference: Sections 139.2, Labor Code.  

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