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Chapter 2. California Apprenticeship Council
Article 10. Required Apprentices On Public Works Contract
Subchapter 1. Apprenticeship
Subarticle 1. General
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§232.10. Proper Method of Service.

(a) Unless a particular method of service is specifically prescribed by statute or these Rules, service may be made by: (1) personal delivery; (2) priority or first class mailing postage prepaid through the U. S. Postal Service; (3) any other means authorized under Code of Civil Procedure section 1013; or (4) pursuant to Government Code section 11440.20(b), by facsimile or other electronic means.

(b) Service is complete at the time of personal delivery or mailing, or at the time of transmission as determined under Rule 11 [Section 232.11] below.

(c) Proof of service shall be filed with the document and may be made by: (1) affidavit or declaration of service; (2) written statement endorsed upon the document served and signed by the party making the statement; or (3) copy of letter of transmittal.

(d) Service on a Party who has appeared through an attorney or other Representative shall be made upon such attorney or Representative.

(e) In each proceeding, the Hearing Officer shall maintain an official address record which shall contain the names and addresses of all Parties and their Representatives, agents, or attorneys of record. Any change or substitution in such information must be communicated promptly in writing to the Hearing Officer. The official address record may also include the names and addresses of interested Persons who have been permitted to participate under Rule 08(d) [Section 232.08].


Authority cited: Section 1777.7, Labor Code; and Section 11400.20, Government Code. Reference: Section 1777.7, Labor Code; and Section 11440.20, Government Code.


1. New section filed 7-29-2004; operative 8-28-2004 (Register 2004, No. 31).

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