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Chapter 6. Division of Labor Standards Enforcement
Subchapter 8. Garment Manufacturers
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§13649. Disposition of Confiscated Goods.

(a) Garments or wearing apparel confiscated pursuant to Labor Code Section 2658.7, 2664, 2679(b), or 2680(a), and not otherwise returned, shall be disposed of as follows:

(1) The confiscated goods may be released to nonprofit organizations whose articles of association or incorporation include religious, charitable, social, and educational purposes, provided that the organizations agree, in writing, that these goods will be made available at no cost to impoverished or needy persons, that these goods will not be offered for sale to any person, and that these goods will not be given to any for-profit business; or

(2) The confiscated goods may be released to public agencies, including, but not limited to, State agencies, political subdivisions, municipal corporations, or school districts, which conduct power machine sewing classes, for instructional use in such classes; or

(3) The confiscated goods may be destroyed by shredding, by burning, or by otherwise rendering them useless as items of wearing apparel.

(b) Confiscated manufacturing equipment or property (other than garments or wearing apparel) may be disposed of by destruction, donation to a non-profit charitable organization or educational institution, or by sale to any purchaser. If such equipment or property is sold by the Labor Commissioner, the proceeds of the sale shall be deposited as provided by Labor Code Section 2680(c).


Authority cited: Sections 2666 and 2672, Labor Code. Reference: Sections 2658.7, 2664, 2679, 2680 and 2681, Labor Code.


1. Amendment of section and Note filed 9-9-2002; operative 10-9-2002 (Register 2002, No. 37).

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