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Subchapter 20. Tunnel Safety Orders
Article 13. Ground Control
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§8440. Ground Control Inspection.

(a) The roof, face, walls, and ground support system of all underground work areas shall be inspected upon initial entry into the area and frequently thereafter by a competent person. Any loose or dangerous ground disclosed by this inspection shall be dislodged or adequately supported before any other activity is permitted.

(b) The entire roof, walls and ground support system of all underground areas shall be inspected weekly by a competent person. A record of such inspection shall be maintained at the job site.

(c) Appropriate tools and devices for testing the roof, walls, face, and ground support system shall be readily available for use at all times.

(d) The persons conducting inspections of ground support systems shall be protected from loose ground by location, ground support or equivalent means.

NOTE: Authority cited: Sections 142.3 and 7997, Labor Code. Reference: Sections 142.3 and 7997, Labor Code.


1. Amendment of section heading and subsections (a)-(b), new subsections (c)-(d) and new Note filed 3-5-96; operative 4-4-96 (Register 96, No. 10).

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