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Subchapter 17. Mine Safety Orders
Article 36. Hoisting Equipment
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§7141. (19-94). Hoisting Signal Code.

(a) When using signals for hoisting or lowering, the following system or code shall be used:

Signals Between Mine and Hoistman--

2-1 bells, to hoist rock.
1 bell, to stop if in motion.
1-2-1 bells, to release skip.
2 bells, to lower.
3-1 bells, man on; run slowly; men to be hoisted.
3-2 bells, man on; run slowly; men to be lowered.
7 bells and repeat, accident. Follow this signal with station signal.
3-3-1 bells, hoist cautiously.
3-3-2 bells, lower cautiously.
3-2-1 bells, ready to blast.

After receiving the signal "ready to blast," the hoistman shall give his signal when he is ready to hoist. The hoistman's signal "ready to hoist" is to raise the shaft conveyance 2 feet and lower it again.

(b) When a signal system is used to call for the shaft conveyance, the following code shall be used:

1-2 bells, collar of shaft                2--1-2 bells, 20th level 
1-3 bells, 1st level                      2--1-3 bells, 21st level 
1-4 bells, 2d level                       2--1-4 bells, 22d level 
1-5 bells, 3d level                       2--1-5 bells, 23d level 
2-1 bells, 4th level                      2--2-1 bells, 24th level 
2-2 bells, 5th level                      2--2-2 bells, 25th level 
2-3 bells, 6th level                      2--2-3 bells, 26th level 
2-4 bells, 7th level                      2--2-4 bells, 27th level 
2-5 bells, 8th level                      2--2-5 bells, 28th level 
4-1 bells, 9th level                      2--4-1 bells, 29th level 
4-2 bells, 10th level                     2--4-2 bells, 30th level 
4-3 bells, 11th level                     2--4-3 bells, 31st level 
4-4 bells, 12th level                     2--4-4 bells, 32d level 
4-5 bells, 13th level                     2--4-5 bells, 33d level 
5-1 bells, 14th level                     2--5-1 bells, 34th level 
5-2 bells, 15th level                     2--5-2 bells, 35th level 
5-3 bells, 16th level                     2--5-3 bells, 36th level 
5-4 bells, 17th level                     2--5-4 bells, 37th level 
5-5 bells, 18th level                     2--5-5 bells, 38th level 
6-1 bells, 19th level                     2--6-1 bells, 39th level 

(c) (19-94) Easily legible copies of the hoisting signals shall be posted in a convenient location at the collar of the shaft, at each shaft station, and in the hoist room.

Note: When there are two or more shafts with hoists in the same mining operations, similarly identified levels shall have the same signal code number.

(d) (19-96) Any person responsible for receiving or giving signals for cages, skips, and man trips when men or materials are being transported shall be familiar with the posted signaling code.

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