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Subchapter 17. Mine Safety Orders
Article 36. Hoisting Equipment
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§7132. Conveyances for Hoisting or Lowering Men in Vertical Shafts.

(a) (19-49) Except when using a bucket for sinking or repairing a shaft, every shaft conveyance in which employees are required or permitted to ride shall be provided with a man-deck for use of employees.

(b) (19-45) Every conveyance used for hoisting or lowering men in a vertical shaft shall be covered by a bonnet to protect persons riding therein.

(c) (19-45) The bonnet shall be constructed of mild steel plate at least three-sixteenths-inch thick, or equivalent, which shall slope toward each side and shall be so arranged that they may be readily pushed upward to afford egress to persons in the conveyance.

(d) (19-50c) The man-deck of every shaft conveyance shall be provided with side casings at least 5 feet high, the gates of which must be at least four and 4 1/2 feet high.

(e) Side casings and doors shall be substantially constructed of metal at least one-sixteenth-inch thick or of wire netting composed of wires at least one-sixteenth inch in diameter, with maximum openings not more than one-half inch.

(f) To prevent accidental opening while the shaft conveyance is in motion, doors shall be equipped with safety catches or other devices satisfactory to the Division.

The doors of the shaft conveyance shall be so arranged that they cannot be opened outward.

(g) Conveyances in vertical shafts shall have at least 1-inch clearance from all timbers and other objects in the shaft except guides for the conveyance.

(h) Every shaft conveyance in which employees are required or permitted to ride shall travel in guides and be equipped with safety dogs or catches of standard design to hold the fully loaded conveyance should the hoisting rope fail.

(i) (19-50a) Every hoisting bucket used in a shaft more than 50 feet deep shall be provided with a crosshead that travels upon guides and is equipped with safety dogs or catches of standard design. The height of the crosshead shall be not less than its width.

(j) (19-50b) Buckets used to hoist men during shaft sinking operation shall have devices to prevent accidental dumping.

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