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Subchapter 17. Mine Safety Orders
Article 36. Hoisting Equipment
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§7128. Design of Headframes.

(a) The headframe shall be so designed and constructed that it will resist a pull in the direction of the hoisting engine greater than the breaking strength of the hoisting rope employed.

(b) There shall be at least 15 feet of unobstructed hoistway clearance between the bottom of the head sheave and the top of the shaft conveyance or top connection for the hoisting rope, whichever is higher, when the bottom of such conveyance is at the top landing.

(c) (19-38) Every head sheave shall be provided with a platform for inspection and maintenance. Such platform shall be conveniently located, shall be of adequate size for men to work from safely, and shall be equipped with standard railings and toeboards.

(d) Safe access shall be provided to the head sheave platforms.

(e) The headframe, sheaves, bearings, and all accessories shall be maintained in safe and usable condition.

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