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Subchapter 17. Mine Safety Orders
Article 36. Hoisting Equipment
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§7123. Hoists.

(a) In addition to the regular operating controls, every hoist shall be provided with adequate means for disconnecting the power from the hoist.

(b) The means for disconnecting the power shall be located where it can be easily and safely manipulated by the hoist operator at his operating station.

(c) Power shall be disconnected from the hoist when:

(1) Movement of the hoist would endanger men working on or about the hoist or equipment moved by the hoist.

(2) The hoist is left unattended.

(d) (19-1) Hoists shall have rated capacities consistent with the loads handled and the recommended safety factors of the ropes used.

(e) (19-2) Hoists shall be anchored securely.

(f) (19-6) Automatic hoists shall be provided with devices that automatically apply the brakes in the event of power failure.

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