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Subchapter 17. Mine Safety Orders
Article 27. Escapeways and Refuge Stations

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§7081. Refuge Stations.

(a) When the Division deems it necessary for the protection of employees, it may require that refuge stations be provided and maintained at such places within the mine as the Division may direct.

(b) Where feasible, the refuge station shall be located where it has two exits to the surface.

(c) (11-52d) The refuge station shall be provided with a water line, compressed air line, and telephone connection through each exit to the surface. The air lines and water lines shall be equipped with suitable valves which can be readily operated without the use of a tool.

(d) (11-52a c) Each refuge station shall be provided with fire doors so it can be isolated from other parts of the mine.

(e) (11-52b) Refuge chambers shall be large enough to accommodate readily the normal number of men in the particular area of the mine.

(f) (11-54) Telephone or other voice communication shall be provided between the surface and refuge chambers and such systems shall be independent of the mine power supply.

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