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Subchapter 17. Mine Safety Orders
Article 25. Engines-Internal Combustion
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§7071. Fueling Diesel Engines Underground.

(a) Diesel engines shall not be fueled underground where it is practical to fuel them on the surface.

(b) When fueled underground the engine shall be taken to the fuel storage place, if practical, and the fuel pumped directly from the storage container to the engine fuel tank.

(c) (4-54) When the engine must be fueled away from the fuel storage place, the fuel shall be transported in closed metal containers that will not permit the contents to leak or spill should the container be overturned.

(d) The engine shall be shut down during fueling operations.

(e) Precautions shall be taken to prevent spilling during fueling operations. Spilled fuel shall be promptly cleaned up and removed.

(f) The use of compressed air to force fuel from a container is prohibited.

(g) (4-1) No fire, smoking, open lights, or other source of ignition shall be permitted near fueling operations.

NOTE: See Section 7065 for orders pertaining to storage of fuels and lubricants.

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