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Subchapter 17. Mine Safety Orders
Article 21. Mine Ladders and Travelways
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§7052. (9-103). Chutes and Ore Passes.

(a) Chutes and ore passes shall be guarded.

(b) Employees shall be protected against falling into the chute by one or more of the following methods:

(1) A grizzly with openings between the bars of not more than 10 inches in the least dimension.

(2) Use of an approved safety belt and life line tied sufficiently short to prevent the wearer from going through the grizzly opening where such opening is greater than 10 inches in the least dimension. In no case shall grizzly bars be more than 30 inches apart.

(3) By other equally safe means acceptable to the Division.

(c) Active chutes and ore passes shall be kept in good repair so that material will not spill into a manway.

(d) Chute gates shall be maintained in safe and easily operable condition.

(e) To protect the hands and arms of trammers and train crews, a safe clearance of not less than 6 inches shall be maintained between any part of a chute and the top of every car that is operated under such chute.

(f) (9-106) Ample warning shall be given to men who may be affected by the draw or otherwise exposed to danger from chute-pulling operations.

(g) (9-107) Men shall not stand on broken rock or ore over draw points if there is danger that the chute will be pulled. Suitable platforms or safety lines shall be provided when work must be done in such areas.

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