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Subchapter 17. Mine Safety Orders
Article 21. Mine Ladders and Travelways
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§7046. Travelways.


(a) Where practicable, walkways shall be separate and apart from railway or vehicle roads.

(b) Walkways shall be kept free from stumbling hazards.

(c) Handrail, cable guard, fence, or other suitable barrier shall be installed along permanent walkways where there is danger of falling into excavations.

(d) (11-1) (11-16) Safe means of access shall be provided and maintained to all working places as required by the General Industry Safety Orders.

(e) (11-12) Openings above, below, or near travelways through which men or materials may fall shall be protected by railings, barriers, or covers. Where it is impractical to install such protective devices, adequate warning signals shall be installed.

(f) (11-2) (11-16) (11-36) Unless otherwise stated in the Mine Safety Orders, crossovers, walkways, ramps, stairways, railings, and toeboards shall be constructed, installed, and maintained in conformance with the General Industry Safety Orders.

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