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Subchapter 17. Mine Safety Orders
Article 18. Conveyors and Tramways
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§7037. Transportation of Workers.


(a) When transporting employees by vehicles, the vehicles and procedures shall be in compliance with the General Industry Safety Orders of the Division.

(b) (9-33) Men shall not ride in dippers, shovel buckets, forks, clamshells, or in the beds of dump trucks for the purpose of transportation.

(c) (9-40) Men shall not ride on top of loaded haulage equipment.

(d) (9-41) Only authorized persons shall be permitted to ride on trains or locomotives and they shall ride in a safe position.

(e) (9-43) Men shall not ride outside the cabs or beds of mobile equipment.

(f) (9-67) Facilities used to transport men to and from work areas shall not be overcrowded.

(g) (9-85) Supplies, materials, and tools other than small hand tools shall not be transported with men in man trip vehicles unless such vehicles are specifically designed to make such transportation safe.

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