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Subchapter 17. Mine Safety Orders
Article 17. Loading, Hauling, and Dumping

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§7016. Haulage Vehicle, Construction and Maintenance.

(a) (9-11) Every haulage vehicle shall be in compliance with the California Motor Vehicle Code except for:
  (1) Lights;  

  (2) Weight limits;  

  (3) Width and height;  

  (4) Installation of windshields.  

  This article does not require the installation of windshields on haulage vehicles but if windshields are installed, they shall be in compliance with the provisions of the California Motor Vehicle Code.  

(b) Equipment and accessories installed on haulage vehicle shall be so arranged as to not seriously impair the driver's vision to the front or sides.

(c) (9-3) All haulage vehicles, including trailers, shall be equipped with brakes or other holding device adequate to hold such vehicle with the maximum load on the maximum grade on which it is used. Brakes shall be inspected and maintained in good condition as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. If the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations are no longer available, the required inspection, maintenance and repairs shall be performed by a qualified person.

(d) (9-3) The brakes on motor vehicle trailer combinations shall be so designed that failure of the trailer brakes will not affect those of the motor driven vehicle.

(e) The use of a counter-torque device is recommended on haulage vehicles operating on grades.

(f) Haulage vehicles operated at night shall be equipped with adequate headlights and at least one taillight in good condition.

(g) Every self-propelled haulage vehicle shall be equipped with a warning device which can be clearly heard for a distance of 200 feet from the vehicle.

(h) Haulage vehicles shall be provided with a safe means of access from the ground to the driver's location. Such means of access shall be maintained in good condition.

(i) The vehicle seat shall be maintained in good repair at all times.

(j) Liquids shall be drained from the compressed air tanks each day.

(k) (9-69) Tires shall be deflated before repairs on them are started and adequate means shall be provided to prevent wheel locking rims from creating a hazard during tire inflation.

(l) (9-81) Trucks, shuttle cars, and front-end loaders operated on the surface shall be equipped with emergency brakes separate and independent of the regular braking system when generally available for a particular class of equipment.

     Note: Authority cited: Section 142.3, Labor Code. Reference: Section 142.3, Labor Code.  

1. Amendment of subsection (c) and new Note filed 4-11-2008; operative 5-11-2008 (Register 2008, No. 15).

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