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Subchapter 17. Mine Safety Orders
Article 6. General Safety Precautions

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§6973. (3-22). General Safety Precautions.


(a) Every reasonable precaution shall be taken to insure the safety of workmen in all cases, whether or not provided for in these orders.

(b) No employee shall be permitted to work in an unsafe place unless for the purpose of making it safe and then only after proper precautions have been taken to protect him while doing such work.

(c) (20-1) Intoxicating beverages and narcotics shall not be permitted or used in or around mines. Persons under the influence of alcohol or narcotics shall not be permitted on the job.

(d) (3-9) Men shall examine their working places before starting work and frequently thereafter, and any unsafe condition shall be corrected.

(e) Only a bar blunt on one end shall be used for loading at chutes or for barring down loose rock in any part of the mine.

(f) All spikes, nails, and other sharp objects that protrude and may cause injury shall be bent down or removed.

(g) (18-20) (18-25) No employee shall be assigned, or allowed, or be required to perform work alone in any area where hazardous conditions exist that would endanger his safety unless he can communicate with others, can be heard, or can be seen.


(h) Materials shall not be placed or permitted to remain where they can fall down a shaft, manway, winze, raise, or other opening.

(i) Employees shall be warned when others are working above or below them so employees will not be injured by falling rock or materials.

(j) (3-22) No other work shall be done in a working place until it has been barred down and made safe for work. The roof and sides shall be examined several times during the working shift.

(k) (18-25) Solitary employment is prohibited in sinking, enlarging, and maintaining shafts, and in installing and maintaining equipment located in the shaft.

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