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Subchapter 15. Petroleum Safety Orders--Refining, Transportation and Handling
Article 22. Loading and Unloading Platforms and Operations
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§6879. Loading Platforms.

(a) Safe access shall be provided to the top of tank cars, trucks and trailers, if employees must go to such locations during loading operations.

(b) Where fixed platforms are provided for access, they shall be at least three feet (3') wide. It is permissible to install openings or equipment in the platform if an unobstructed passageway at least sixteen inches (16") wide and six feet six inches (6' 6") high is maintained along the length of the platform.

(c) There shall be at least one stairway or ramp from the platform to the ground. If the loading platform is more than twenty-five feet (25') long, there shall be at least one stairway or ramp no farther than ten feet (10') from each end of the platform.

(d) Access from the fixed platform to the loading position on tank cars, tank trucks or trailers shall be by any one of the following methods:

(1) By a gangplank hinged or otherwise suitably fastened to the platform.

(A) When not in use, gangplanks shall be latched or otherwise securely held in a raised position, except where they may be safely left in a lowered position.

(B) Gangplanks shall be provided at least six feet six inches (6'6") vertical clearance and shall be at least twenty-four inches (24") wide, and shall be provided with standard railings or other safeguards that will adequately protect employees from falling.

EXCEPTION: Toeboards are not required on gangplanks.

(2) By stepping directly from the fixed loading platform to the side catwalk or top of the tank truck or trailer, if the vertical distance stepped is no more than fifteen inches (15"), and if the combined vertical and horizontal distance stepped is no more than twenty inches (20").

(A) Loading from side catwalks less than six inches (6") wide is prohibited.

(B) Loading from the side of a truck or trailer is prohibited, unless safe access or fall protection is provided.

(C) Unobstructed passageway shall be provided from the fixed loading platform to the side catwalk used for loading. This passageway shall be at least sixteen inches (16") wide and six feet six inches (6'6") high.

(3) By other means affording equivalent protection.


(1) Locations where trucks and trailers are loaded through bottom connections.

(2) Locations where trucks or trailers are loaded during emergencies.

(e) When it is necessary for employees to go on the top of tank trucks or trailers during loading operations a vertical clearance of at least six feet six inches (6'6") shall be provided between the top of the tank truck or trailers and fixed members or fixed parts of the loading rack; provided, however, that this does not apply to movable loading spouts or arms.

NOTE: Authority cited: Section 142.3, Labor Code. Reference: Section 142.3, Labor Code.


1. Amendment of articel heading, section heading and text and new NOTE filed 9-6-94; operative 10-6-94 (Register 94, No. 36).

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