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Subchapter 15. Petroleum Safety Orders--Refining, Transportation and Handling
Article 1. Application and Scope
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§6750. Application and Scope.

(a) Application. These orders shall apply to the equipment and operations used in or appurtenant to the refining, storage and handling of petroleum, natural gas and their products, including the construction, location, transportation, utilization, testing, demolition, maintenance and operation of such equipment in "Employment" or a "Place of Employment" or by an "Employer" or an "Employee" as these terms are defined in Division 5, Part 1 of the Labor Code.

EXCEPTIONS: (1) These orders shall not apply to the equipment and operations of a consumer nor of retail outlets.

(2) Existing installations and equipment which were in compliance with safety orders, or variances therefrom, in effect prior to the effective date of these safety orders, unless the hazard presented by the installation or equipment is, in the judgement of the Chief of the Division, of such severity as to warrant control by the application of the applicable sections of these orders.

NOTE: These orders shall take precedence over other safety orders when applied to petroleum refining, transportation and handling of crude oil, natural gas, and their products.

(b) Scope.

(1) The operations to which these orders apply are those generally known as refining, storage, packaging, distributing, pipeline transportation and movements, filling and unloading, laboratories, and the construction, operation and maintenance of the equipment application to the foregoing.

(2) Transportation and movement through pipelines is included, but transportation by truck, rail or marine transportation is excluded.

(3) Pipeline transportation shall begin at the point where the material leaves the last producing facility or changes custody, and shall end at the point where the material enters a distribution or refining facility.

(4) Pipeline transportation of consumer's gas shall be considered to end where the gas enters the initial pressure control station or pressure regulating device of the distributing system. Excluded are areas used for residential or recreational purposes, parking of vehicles, or office buildings, when so located, and when the nature of the activities therein are such that they do not endanger the safety of employees engaged in the operations to which these orders apply.

(5) For the convenience of the user of these orders, some Sections make reference to the General Industry Safety Orders for requirements which may be applicable to the subject matter. This is not to be construed as meaning the referenced orders are the only ones applicable.

NOTE: Authority cited: Section 142.3, Labor Code. Reference: Section 142.3, Labor Code.


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