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Subchapter 14. Petroleum Safety Orders--Drilling and Production
Article 52. Prime Movers
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§6685. Starters for Internal Combustion Engines.

(a) Internal combustion engines of over thirty horsepower (30 h.p.) shall be provided with means other than manual for starting them. This does not prohibit manual starting in an emergency.

NOTE: The horsepower rating of internal combustion engines shall be the brake horsepower rating as established by the manufacturer.

(b) A check valve shall be provided in the air starting line adjacent to the engine or in the engine cylinder if compressed air is used as a means of starting.

EXCEPTION: This does not apply to the motor air starter.

(c) The compressed air supply for starting an engine shall be prevented from so functioning while maintenance work is being performed on an idle engine, or on equipment connected to and driven by the engine when such work is of a nature that employees may be endangered should the starting air cause the engine to move or turn over. This shall be accomplished by one of the following means:

(1) Disconnecting the air starting line union and disaligning the pipe.

(2) Having two closed valves in the air starting line with an open fitting between them that has a discharge capacity equal to the capacity of the air starting line (double block and bleed).

(3) Means other than those in subsections (1) and (2) above that will provide positive protection.

NOTE: Authority cited: Section 142.3, Labor Code. Reference: Section 142.3, Labor Code.


1. Amendment of section and new Note filed 5-8-95; operative 6-7-95 (Register 95, No. 19).

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