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Subchapter 7. General Industry Safety Orders
Group 3. General Plant Equipment and Special Operations
Article 14. Marine Terminal Operations
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§3460. Definitions.

Apron. That open portion of a marine terminal immediately adjacent to a vessel berth and used in the direct transfer of cargo between the terminal and vessel.

Cargo Door (transit shed door). A door designed to permit transfer of cargo to and from a marine terminal structure.

Cargo Packaging. Any method of containment for shipment, including cases, cartons, crates and sacks, but excluding large units such as intermodal containers, vans or similar devices.

Confined Space. See Section 5156(b). Examples of confined spaces are intermodal tank containers and portable tanks.

Dock. A wharf or pier forming all or part of a waterfront facility, including marginal or quayside berthing facilities, not to be confused with "loading dock" as at a transit shed or container freight station, or with the body of water between piers or wharves. Enclosed Space. A space where the ready access or egress for the removal of a suddenly disabled employee is difficult due to the location and/or size of the opening(s).

Flammable Atmosphere. An atmosphere containing more than 10 percent of the lower flammable limit of a flammable or combustible vapor or dust mixed with air.

Front-end Attachments. (As applied to cranes). Various attachments applied to the basic machine for the performance of functions such as lifting, clamshell or magnet services.

Front-end Attachments. (As applied to power-operated industrial trucks). Various devices, such as roll clamps, rotating and sideshifting carriages, magnets, rams, crane arms or booms, load stabilizers, scoops, buckets and dumping bins, attached to the load end for handling lifts as single or multiple units.

Gangway. Any ramp-like or stair-like means of access provided to enable personnel to board or leave a vessel, including accommodation ladders, gangplanks and brows.

Hot Work. Riveting, welding, flame cutting or other fire or spark-producing operation.

Intermodal Container. A reusable cargo container of rigid construction and rectangular configuration, intended to contain one or more articles of cargo or bulk commodities for transportation by water and one or more other transport modes without intermediate cargo handling. The term includes completely enclosed units, open top units, fractional height units, units incorporating liquid or gas tanks and other variations fitting into the container system, demountable or with attached wheels. It does not include cylinders, drums, crates, cases, cartons, packages, sacks, unitized loads or any other form of packaging.

Longshoring Operations. The loading, unloading, moving, or handling of cargo, ships stores, gear, etc., within the scope of this Article.

Loose Gear. Removable and replaceable components of equipment or devices which may be used with or as a part of assembled material handling units for purposes such as making connections, changing line direction and multiplying mechanical advantage. Examples are shackles and snatch blocks.

Marine Terminal. Wharves, bulkheads, quays, piers, docks and other berthing locations and adjacent storage or contiguous areas and structures associated with the primary movements of cargo or materials from vessel to shore or shore to vessel including structures which are devoted to receiving, handling, holding, consolidation and loading or delivery of waterborne shipments and passengers, including areas devoted to the maintenance of the terminal or equipment. The term does not include production or manufacturing areas having their own docking facilities and located at a marine terminal nor does the term include storage facilities directly associated with those production or manufacturing areas.

Stringpiece. A narrow walkway between the water edge of a berth and a shed or other structure.

(See Sections 3207 and 4885 for additional definitions.)

NOTE: Authority cited: Section 142.3, Labor Code. Reference: Section 142.3, Labor Code.


1. Amendment filed 12-12-84; effective thirtieth day thereafter (Register 84, No. 50).

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