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Subchapter 6. Elevator Safety Orders
Article 16. Hand Power Man Platforms
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§3096. Machinery and Equipment.

(a) Car Construction

(1) Car frames and platforms shall comply with the requirements of Section 3077(a)(4).

(2) The sides of the car shall be enclosed to a height of not less than 6 feet except for the necessary entrances.

(3) The car shall be provided with a car top.

(4) The platform area shall not exceed 4 1/3 square feet.

(b) Car Safety Devices. A safety device actuated by the breaking or slackening of the car-to-counterweight cable shall be provided. This device may be located in the crosshead. The safety device shall be capable of stopping and sustaining the car with rated load and shall be satisfactorily drop tested on each installation. A functional test shall be performed at the time of the annual inspection. This test shall be witnessed by a representative of the division.

(c) Brake. Each car shall be equipped with a brake which shall be arranged to apply automatically and must be held in the open position manually. The brake shall be capable of stopping and sustaining the descending car with rated load, or of holding the empty car from ascending.

(d) Sheaves. Sheaves shall comply with the applicable requirements of Section 3038.

(e) Hoist Cables. The car-to-counterweight cable shall be of steel not less than 3/8 inch diameter, 6 x 19 construction. The factor of safety of this cable and its attachments shall be not less than 10 based on static loading.

(f) Capacity and Loading.

(1) The rated load shall not exceed 300 pounds or one person.

(2) The total load of the car and rated load shall not exceed 500 pounds.


1. Amendment of subsection (a)(1), filed 6-23-77; effective thirtieth day (Register 77, No. 26).

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