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Subchapter 17. Mine Safety Orders
Article 47. Electrical Equipment and Practices

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§7181. Trailing Electrical Power Cables--General.

(a) Trailing electric power cables shall be used only in continuous lengths except when connections are made with a connector or splice box of approved design.

(b) Branch circuits shall not be installed on trailing electric power cables.

(c) Vehicles shall not be driven over electric power cables unless such cables are protected from mechanical injury and the vehicles prevented from coming in contact with cables.

(d) Where a trailing electric power cable passes over an industrial railway track or vehicular road, it shall be securely supported by poles, horses, or other means so as to provide a safe clearance between the cable and any equipment used on the railway or vehicular road.

(e) Trailing electric power cables shall be connected to mobile equipment in such manner that tension will not be transmitted to the joints or terminals screws of the fittings. This shall be accomplished by a special fitting designed for such purpose, or by other equally effective means.

(f) Cable tongs, cable hooks, or slings with insulated handles shall be used when handling energized trailing electric power cables.

(g) Noncurrent-carrying metal parts of portable equipment using trailing electric cables shall be grounded by means of a grounding conductor run with the circuit conductors in cable assemblies or flexible cords; this conductor may be uninsulated but if an individual covering is provided for this conductor, it shall be finished to show a green color.

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