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Subchapter 17. Mine Safety Orders
Article 17. Loading, Hauling, and Dumping

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§7014. Private Roads.

(a) When building private roads, consideration shall be given to the following factors:

(1) Type of material to be used for road bed and surfacing.

(2) Type of equipment that will travel on the road.

(3) Size of loads to be hauled.

(4) Length, and percent of grades.

(5) Degree of curvature and visibility on turns.

(b) Bridges shall be substantially constructed and maintained in good repair. They shall not be subjected to loads greater than they were designed to support.

(c) Grades shall be commensurate with the safe operating limits of the equipment used.

(d) Single lane roads with two-way traffic shall be provided with adequate turnouts where practicable. Where adequate turnouts are not practicable, a control system shall be provided to prevent vehicles from meeting on such single lane roads.

(e) Roads used for two-way traffic on which vehicles do not travel on the right side all the way shall be posted with signs indicating the side of the road to travel.

(f) Roads should be maintained free from holes and deep ruts. Action should be taken to keep the dust to a minimum.

(g) (9-22) Mid-axle height berms or guards shall be provided on the outer bank of elevated roadways.

(h) (9-54) Berms, bumper blocks, safety hooks, or similar means shall be provided to prevent overtravel and overturning at dumping locations.

(i) (9-59) Public and permanent railroad crossings shall be posted with warning signs or signals, or shall be guarded when trains are passing and shall be planked or otherwise filled between the rails.

(j) When the Division considers that a serious hazard exists to employees because of traffic or haulage conditions in a mine, it may require the employer to establish a system of traffic control satisfactory to the Division.

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