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Subchapter 17. Mine Safety Orders

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§6957. Responsibility of Independent Contractors.

Any employer performing work on a contractual basis at a location subject to these Orders is bound by these Orders, and shall acquaint himself with the hazards of the employment, and shall instruct his employees as to the hazards and necessary safeguards.

EDITORIAL NOTE: The Federal metal and non-metallic Mine Health and Safety Mandatory Standards numbers have been included with the Mine Safety Order numbers. These sections and standards are indicated by a number such as (3-5). The Mine Safety Order number precedes the U.S. Bureau of Mines' number--example, 6965. (3-5). Some State Safety Orders have no Federal reference number but all Federal Mandatory Standards are covered by State Safety Orders. This arrangement will help the mine operators and their employees in complying with both the Federal and State Mine Safety Orders.

The Federal Mandatory Standard "Part" numbers are not included in the Section numbers, but are listed here for your information:

Part 55-- Open Pit Mining Operations

Part 56--Sand, Gravel, and Crushed Stone Operations

Part 57--Underground Mining Operations

The Mine Safety Orders are identified by headings such as:

"General"--Applies to both surface and underground mining operations.

"Surface"--Applies to surface mining operations only.

"Underground"--Applies to underground and surface facilities of underground mining operations.

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