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Subchapter 6.1. Passenger Tramway Safety Orders
Article 1. Administrative Regulations

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§3151. Permit to Operate.

(a) Submittal of Plans and Notification of Intent to Install.

(1) No passenger tramway, except tows, shall be constructed or altered until the plans and design information have been properly certified to the Division by a Qualified Engineer.

(2) The Division shall not issue a permit to operate a passenger tramway, except tows, until it receives certification in writing by a Qualified Engineer that the erection work on such tramway has been completed in accordance with the design and erection plans for such tramway.

(b) Inspection Required.

(1) Each new passenger tramway shall be inspected by the Division and a permit issued before it is placed in service. Testing shall be witnessed by the Division.

(2) Each major alteration of an existing passenger tramway shall be inspected by the Division and a new Permit to Operate issued before it is returned to service. Testing shall be witnessed by the Division.

(3) The Division shall cause all passenger tramways to be inspected at least two times per year. At least one inspection shall be performed during the operating season and at least one inspection shall be performed when weather conditions permit clear access to all foundations and structures.

(A) An inspector employed by a licensed insurance company or municipality and certified by the Division in accordance Section 3153 may perform the inspections required by Section 3151(b)(3).

NOTE: Inspection Fees. See the Division of Occupational Safety and Health regulations contained in Chapter 3.2, Title 8, California Code of Regulations.

NOTE: Authority cited: Section 142.3, Labor Code. Reference: Section 142.3, Labor Code.


1. Repealer of article 2 heading and section and new section filed 3-23-93; operative 4-22-93 (Register 93, No. 13).

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