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Subchapter 6. Elevator Safety Orders
Article 9. Hydraulic Elevators

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§3060. Car and Counterweight Guide Rails, Guide Rail Supports and Fastenings.

(a) Guide Rails Required. Passenger and freight elevators shall be provided with car guide rails, and with counterweight guide rails where a counterweight is provided.

(b) Materials and Rail Section. The guide rail material and the rail section shall conform to Sections 3030(b) through 3030(e) inclusive.

(c) Bracket Spacing, Stresses, Deflections, and Maximum Loading.

(1) Guide rails shall be fastened to the building structure at intervals of not more than 16 feet.

(2) The stresses and deflections in the car guide rails and in their brackets, fastenings, and supports due to the horizontal forces imposed on the rail during loading, unloading, and running, based on the bracket spacing used, shall conform to Design Section 3109(a).

Where, for the rail section used, the stresses exceed those therein specified, the rail section shall be reinforced to limit the stresses and deflections to the amount specified.

(3) Guide rails for counterweights, where provided, shall conform to the applicable portions of Section 3030(f).

(d) Rail Joints and Fishplates. The joints of metal guide rails shall conform to the requirements of Section 3030(i).

(e) Overall Length of Guide Rails. The top and bottom ends of each run of guide rail shall be so located in relation to the extreme positions of travel of the car and counterweight that the car and counterweight guiding members cannot travel beyond the ends of the guide rails. The guide rails shall be supported from the pit floor in such a manner that the entire weight of either the car or counterweight can be suspended from the associated set of guide rails.

(f) Guide Rail Brackets and Building Supports and Their Fastenings. The guide rail brackets, building supports, and their fastenings shall conform to the applicable requirements of Sections 3030(k) and 3030(l).

EXCEPTION: The seismic forces referred to in Section 3030(k)(1)(C).

NOTE: Authority cited: Section 142.3, Labor Code. Reference: Section 142.3, Labor Code.


1. New exception in subsection (f) filed 12-22-78; effective thirtieth day thereafter (Register 79, No. 1).

2. Amendment of NOTE filed 12-8-86; effective thirtieth day thereafter (Register 86. No. 50).

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