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Subchapter 4. Construction Safety Orders
Article 22. Scaffolds--Various Types

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§1655. Pump Jack Scaffolds.

(a) Pump jack scaffolds shall:

(1) Be limited to a maximum working load of 500 pounds; and

(2) Have a Safety Factor of at least four times the maximum intended load.

(3) The manufactured components shall not be loaded in excess of the manufacturer's recommended limits. (See Plate B-33, Appendix)

(b) Pump jack brackets, braces, and accessories shall be fabricated from metal plates and angles. Each pump jack bracket shall have two positive gripping mechanisms to prevent any failure or slippage.

(c) The platform bracket shall be fully decked and the planking secured. Planking, or equivalent, shall conform with Section 1637.

(1) When wood scaffold planks are used as platforms, poles used for pump jacks shall not be spaced more than 10 feet center to center. When fabricated platforms are used that fully comply with all other provisions of this Order, pole spacing may exceed 10 feet center to center.

(2) Poles shall not exceed 30 feet in height.

(3) Poles shall be secured to the work wall by rigid triangular bracing, or equivalent, at the bottom, top, and other points as necessary, to provide a maximum vertical spacing of not more than 10 feet between braces. Each brace shall be capable of supporting a minimum of 225 pounds tension or compression.

(4) For the pump jack bracket to pass bracing already installed, an extra brace shall be used approximately 4 feet above the one to be passed until the original brace is reinstalled.

(d) All poles shall bear on mud sill or other adequate firm foundations.

(e) Pole lumber shall be two 2 x 4's, of Douglas fir, or equivalent, straight-grained, clear, free of cross-grain, shakes, large loose or dead knots, and other defects which might impair strength.

(f) When poles are constructed of two continuous lengths, they shall be 2 x 4's, spiked together with the seam parallel to the bracket, and with 10d common nails, no more than 12 inches center to center, staggered uniformly from opposite outside edges.

(g) If 2 x 4's are spliced to make up the pole, the splices shall be so constructed as to develop the full strength of the member.

(h) Not more than two employees shall be permitted at one time upon a pump jack scaffold between any two supports.

(i) Pump jacks scaffolds shall be provided with standard guardrails as described in Article 16 but no guardrail is required when safety belts with lanyards are provided for and used by employees.

(j) When a work bench is used at an approximate height of 42 inches, the top guardrail may be eliminated, if the work bench is fully decked, the planking secured, and is capable of withstanding 200 pounds load in any direction.

(k) Employees shall not be permitted to use a work bench as a scaffold platform.

NOTE: Authority cited: Section 142.3, Labor Code. Reference: Section 142.3, Labor Code.


1. New section filed 11-14-75; effective thirtieth day thereafter (Register 75, No. 46).

2. Amendment filed 7-24-87; operative 8-23-87 (Register 87, No. 33).

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