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Subchapter 4. Construction Safety Orders
Article 3. General
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§1518. Protection from Electric Shock.

(a) Suitable protective equipment or devices shall be provided and used on or near energized equipment for the protection of employees where there is a recognized hazard of electrical shock or burns.

(b) When protective insulating equipment is used, it shall comply with the Electrical Safety Orders.

(c) In lieu of other protective equipment, barricades shall be used to provide protection from exposed, energized equipment.

(d) Before work is begun, the employer shall ascertain by inquiry, direct observation, or by instruments, whether any part of an energized electric power circuit, exposed or concealed, is so located that the performance of the work may bring any person, tool or machine into physical or electrical contact with the electric power circuit.

(1) Where such circuits exist, a legible marking shall be made indicating the presence and location of the energized circuit(s), or warning signs shall be posted in accordance with Section 3340 of the General Industry Safety Orders.

(2) The employer shall advise the employee of the location of such energized circuits, the hazards involved, and the protective measures to be taken in accordance with Section 1509 of these Orders. Note:Section 1518(d) applies to electrical installations present on the jobsite which do not involve excavations. For electrical installations involving excavations as defined in Section 1540, see Section 1541.

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Note: Authority cited: Section 142.3, Labor Code. Reference: Section 142.3, Labor Code.


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