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Chapter 2. California Apprenticeship Council
Subchapter 4. Electrician Certification
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§291.3. Certification Examination

(a) All applicants must pass the written examination, established by the Chief DAS for the type of certification desired.

(b) The examination shall be validated by an independent test validation organization based on content developed by a job analysis.

(c) A description of the examination content and identification of relevant reference works will be provided by DAS upon request.

(d) The examination for each type of certification shall be given at least once per year, in at least two locations, one in Northern California and one in Southern California. DAS may give the examinations at additional times and in additional locations for the convenience of the applicant pool.

(e) Applicants requesting special accommodations for the examination on account of disability shall submit such requests to the Chief DAS or its designee. The Chief DAS or its designee shall respond promptly to such requests and may require additional information and/or documentation from the applicant.

(f) DAS shall provide for the administration of the certification examinations in Spanish, and to the extent practicable, other non-English languages spoken by a substantial number of applicants, as defined in Section 7296.2 of the Government Code, except insofar as the ability to understand warning signs, instructions, and other information in English is necessary for safety reasons.

(g) At the time of the examination, the applicant may be required to present valid photo identification and may be photographed for a certification card.

(h) DAS shall make information about electrician certification available in non-English languages spoken by a substantial number of construction workers, as defined in Section 7296.2 of the Government Code. Such information shall contain the basic information DAS makes available to the public in English regarding electrician certification and shall be sufficient to inform interested persons of the process by which one may become certified.

     Note: Authority cited: Section 3099, Labor Code. References: Sections 3099-3099.3, Labor Code.  

1. New section filed 7-30-2002; operative 8-29-2002 (Register 2002, No. 31).

2. Amendment of subsections (e) and (f), new subsection (h) and amendment of Note filed 2-9-2006; operative 3-11-2006 (Register 2006, No. 6).

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