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Chapter 2. California Apprenticeship Council
Subchapter 1. Apprenticeship
Article 2. Definitions

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§205. Definitions.

(a) “Journeyman” means a person who has either

(1) completed an accredited apprenticeship in his/her craft, or

(2) who has completed the equivalent of an apprenticeship in length and content of work experience and all other requirements in the craft which has workers classified as journeyman in the apprenticeable occupation.

(b)“Instructor” means a person who has either

(1) completed an accredited apprenticeship in his/her craft, or

(2) who has completed the equivalent of an apprenticeship in length and content of work experience and all other requirements in the craft but may not necessarily be designated as a journeyman.

(c) An “Apprenticeable Occupation” is one which requires independent judgment and the application of manual, mechanical, technical, or professional skills and is best learned through an organized system of on-the-job training together with related and supplemental instruction.

(d) “Registration of an Apprentice Agreement”means the acceptance and recording thereof by the Division of Apprenticeship Standards which serves as evidence of the participation of the apprentice in a specific apprenticeship program.

(e) “Apprenticeship Program” means a comprehensive plan containing, among other things, apprenticeship program standards, committee rules and regulations, related and supplemental instruction course outlines and policy statements for the effective administration of that apprenticeable occupation.

(f) “Apprenticeship Program Standards” means that written document containing among other things all the terms and conditions for the qualification, recruitment, selection, employment and training, working conditions, wages, employee benefits, and other compensation for apprentices and all other provisions and statements including attachments as required by the Labor Code and this Chapter which, when approved by the Chief DAS, shall constitute registration of such, and authority to conduct that program of apprenticeship in the State of California.

(g) “Apprenticeship Program Sponsor” means a joint apprenticeship committee, a unilateral labor or management committee, or an individual employer program.

(h) “Related and Supplemental Instruction” means an organized and systematic form of instruction designed to provide the apprentice with knowledge including the theoretical and technical subjects related and supplemental to the skill(s) involved.

(i) “Competent Evidence” as used in Section 224 means a transcript or abstract of the record required to be maintained pursuant to Section 212(c)(6), or an attestation by the apprentice program sponsor stating that all training has been fully completed, on forms to be provided by the Division of Apprenticeship Standards, demonstrating that the apprenticeship program has been fully complete, certified by the apprenticeship program sponsor and endorsed by a representative of the Division of Apprenticeship Standards.

(j) An “Interested Party” for the purpose of application for approval of an apprenticeship program, means an employer, employer organization or association, a group of employers, employer associations or organizations, an employe association or organization, or employee representatives, a group of employee representatives, associations or organizations, labor and/or management groups or any combination thereof whose interest may be affected by the apprenticeship program if approved.

(k) “Maintenance” is defined as routine, recurring and usual work for the preservation, protection and keeping of any facility for its intended purposes in a safe and continually usable condition.

(l) The term “Chief DAS” means the Chief of the Division of Apprenticeship Standards.

(m) “Employed as an apprentice” in the building and construction industry for the purpose of Labor Code Section 3098 means employment pursuant to the approved standards of apprenticeship of the Program, under the supervision of journeyman/men, where the apprentice is receiving at least the minimum wage applicable to the apprentice's period of apprenticeship as provided for in this chapter.

(n) “Geographic Area of Operation” of an apprenticeship program means the geographic area in which the program regularly operates and trains apprentices.


Authority cited: Section 3071, Labor Code. Reference: Sections 3071, 3073, 3075, 3077, 3079, 3086 and 3090, Labor Code.


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